Carrie Speer


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"I really love working with my clients to find the right home because the home is where you create most of your memories... I just enjoy being a part of their decision to find the right home for those memories."

About Carrie Speer

I have been a Realtor at Park Co. Realtors for 17 years. I have enjoyed working with many families over the years. I have built many friendships and seen many families go through life changes buying and selling homes. I have witnessed; weddings, divorces, life, death, career promotions, job loss. All the ups and downs of life. Watching children grow and families building memories in their homes has been a great pleasure. I love my job and will continue to be here for many years to come to support you through all the ups and downs in life. When life changes call Carrie Speer. Buying or selling your home can be a very complicated and stressful process. As a licensed REALTOR® since 2003 in both North Dakota and Minnesota, I take pride in making the experience as enjoyable as possible. I will be your ally when negotiating contracts, making decisions, and giving invaluable advice which can only come from someone who knows the area. Let me "Carrie" you through the process.

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